Corus Writer's Apprentice Training Program

The Banff World Media Festival, in collaboration with Corus, has launched the 2017 edition of the Corus Entertainment Writer’s Apprentice Program, offering emerging Canadian writers with the unprecedented opportunity to gain significant insight into the world of programming. Successful applicants will receive a full access pass to the Banff World Media Festival from June 12-15, 2017 and will benefit from an exclusive opportunity to complete a two-week internship in the story department of a prime-time series. The program is open to individual writers as well as to established writing teams who have demonstrated a proven track record working together.

What you’ll need to Submit:

  • Resume outlining your background with a cover letter stating why you should be considered for this program. Preference will be given to those writers who have at least ½ hour of produced drama/comedy.
  • One half-hour spec script for an existing half-hour show OR a one hour spec script for an existing one-hour show. Spec script must be same length of existing show. We will only read one spec for each candidate
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation from Canadian film and television industry professionals. References should be familiar with the candidate’s work and be able to comment on the candidate’s ability to become a writer for series television. References may be contacted by the Corus Writer’s Apprentice Program Jury. Note: letters of recommendation from personal representatives will not be accepted.

The successful applicants will:

  • Be invited to attend the Banff World Media Festival on a full access pass
  • Have the opportunity to gain significant experience by completing a two-week internship in the story department of a prime-time series
  • Enjoy networking, pitching, and business building opportunities at various BANFF sessions
  • Have the chance to meet with showrunners, agents, broadcasters, and funders


  • Rebecca Hales
  • Ruth Madoc-Jones
  • Gemma Holdway
  • Matt Doyle
  • Chris Hill


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