Speaker Jennifer Sandoval

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Jennifer Sandoval

Sustainability Consultant

Sustainable Film Productions

Jennifer Sandoval is a sustainability consultant to the film industry. She has worked with many large episodic television productions such as the X-Files, (Season 11); Man in the High Castle, (Season 4), Get Shorty, Sacred Lies as well as feature films like Togo and Timmy Failure. Jennifer is also the Project Coordinator for Creative BC’s Reel Green program that promotes sustainable production in BC. She is an instructor for the Climate and Sustainable Production courses for Reel Green as well as for the newly formed Ontario Green Screen. Her work focuses on helping productions and other film industry stakeholders to measure their impacts, strategize ways to reduce these impacts and work with crew members and the supply chain to integrate systems thinking and creative solutions into their work process. Productions that Jennifer has worked with have seen cost savings as well as significant reductions in their carbon impacts.

Speaking on: Chatroom: Producer Life

At the Banff Media Festival, we met with Netflix and took a ride up Sulphur Mountain on the gondola. That’s where we made the pitch.
- Naveen Prasad, EVP and GM, Elevation Pictures


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