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Keen to pack more professional learning into your Kidscreen Summit week? Sign up to take part in one or two of our Master/Mentor Classes for just $250 each. Designed for the industry’s most experienced execs (Master Classes) and also relative newcomers (Mentor Classes), these sessions are 90 minutes long and will run on Thursday, February 11. If you see anything you like on the list below, email Maggie Wilkins ( to sign up.

MASTER CLASS (10:00-11:30)

Taking Best Practices from YouTube to Other Digital Platforms

Our expert host from ZEFR will share insights into top-performing children's programming, influencer partnership best practices, and harnessing premium content to reach the growing children's audience on YouTube. The panel will also explore strategies and “watch-outs” for Facebook, Vine, Vimeo and other up-and-coming platforms. The format of this class will include a 20-minute presentation and small interactive breakout groups for a hands-on discussion.

MENTOR CLASS (10:00-11:30)

21st Century Branding—How to apply it to kids entertainment, licensing, PR and more

What is branding? While this may sound like a simple question, in today’s media world, it’s never been more complex. But one thing is clear: If you have an existing kids company, kids product or property, or even just an idea for one, you need to understand how to brand it. Branding experts Alan Winnikoff and Larry Seidman will take you through the process of positioning and messaging a brand, and plotting out the attributes of its extensions. From there, they’ll provide you with a roadmap for the real-world practical application of that brand strategy so that it successfully drives your marketing, licensing, PR and social media plans.

MASTER CLASS (2:00-3:30)

Developing the Master Plan—How to think about the future of your business

Join renowned foresighter Suzanne Stein to explore the past, present and future trends in the kids entertainment industry like never before. This uniquely crafted immersive workshop features hands-on activities to get kids entertainment execs “thinking about how to think about the future.” Come and discover how to analyze patterns of change over time, how these patterns can impact the future of your business, and what you can do to turn them into market opportunities.

MENTOR CLASS (2:00-3:30)

Creator 101—Pitch perfect!

After months of toil, sweat, and let’s face it, some tears, you’ve finally developed your idea into The Next Big Thing and you’re ready to share it with the world! Or are you? While there has never been a better time to be a content creator, producers and broadcasters have never been so preoccupied (not to mention, confused) by the pace of change in the media landscape. Join noted show creator Alexander Bar (Mike the Knight, Lunar Jim) in this hands-on session designed to help you perfect your pitch and presentation skills to command their attention.


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