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Greg David


TV, eh?

Prior to becoming a television critic and owner of TV, Eh?, Greg David was a critic for TV Guide Canada, the country's most trusted source for television news. He has interviewed television actors, actresses and behind-the-scenes folks – writers, producers, directors and executive producers – on hundreds of television series from Canada, the United States and international projects. He currently owns TV-Eh.com, a website devoted to spotlighting, celebrating and writing about all aspects of the Canadian television industry. Greg is a podcaster, public speaker, weekly radio guest and educator, and past member of the Television Critics Association.

Speaking on: In Conversation with Netflix

At the Banff Media Festival, we met with Netflix and took a ride up Sulphur Mountain on the gondola. That’s where we made the pitch.
- Naveen Prasad, EVP and GM, Elevation Pictures


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