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There’s nothing like BANFF

With a 45-year tradition, and set in one of the most inspiring locations on the planet, BANFF is where partnerships are forged and new films and series are pitched, developed and greenlit across scripted, unscripted and kids content.

With 50+ countries participating at the Festival and Rockie Awards each year, it is an unparalleled international marketplace: one of the most prestigious gatherings of the world’s top creators, producers, showrunners, talent, networks, studios, streamers, press and media companies.


The Festival and the Banff Television Festival Foundation (BTFF) have created and executed highly successful large-scale diversity and equity initiatives that have served over 800 opportunities to racialized and underrepresented professionals since 2018. We are working to effect change at scale, break down systemic barriers and reshape the Canadian media landscape into one that is more fair, equitable, and representative.

Operating through an intersectional lens, the BANFF Spark Gender Equality Initiative in Canadian Media Business Ownership has empowered nearly 200 women founders in the media/entertainment sector to launch or scale up their businesses.

The Netflix Banff Diversity of Voices Initiative has served approximately 600 opportunities for Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, women, francophone professionals, the 2SLGBTQI+ community and individuals with disabilities in the industry by providing a platform to develop creative and business objectives, move careers ahead and forge new partnerships in Canada and abroad.

Since 2021, the Indigenous Screen Summit has celebrated First Nations, Inuit and Métis producers and creators, provided international exposure, and has offered access, connections and business opportunities.

We believe our industry must recognize and act on its role in the movements for social, political, and environmental progress. We will continue to highlight the power that the entertainment industry has to change minds, change policy, address the world’s greatest challenges and create opportunities for those who have historically been underrepresented.


“Canada is increasingly becoming a go-to hub for production and BANFF is a great connection point. Having shot multiple TV shows and my own movie there, I’ve had a taste of resources/potential that would benefit US-based filmmakers.” - Adele Lim, Director and Producer, Joy Ride, Screenwriter, Crazy Rich Asians

"Participating in the Indigenous Screen Summit was a privilege - it really was a unique opportunity to delve into our shared history and culture, which will hopefully lead to co-working in the future.” - Gwenllian Gravelle and Llinos Wunne, S4C, Wales

“The festival's standout feature is its exceptional access to global industry leaders…the engaging networking events added an extra spark, fostering connections in a fabulous setting.” Josie Crimi, Executive Vice President of Development and Production for Scott Brothers Entertainment

"The festival provides an impressive balance of being able to discuss and address the needs of our American marketplace through an international lens.” - Stan Pham, SVP Current Programming, CBS Studios

“Anyone who produces Canadian content is there! One stop shopping!” - Brad Holcman, Senior Director Non-Fiction and Alternative Programming, A+E

“The connections you make with industry colleagues [at BANFF] is something you can’t replicate over video calls.” Michela Di Mondo, EVP Distribution and Sales, Fremantle

“The highlight last year, and again this year was the Indigenous Screen Summit. I think it’s a great way to start off the conference as it fosters connectivity and sets the bar for creative pitches. It’s a great opportunity to meet people and foster key relationships which are so integral to one’s growth and development in the industry.” - Lea Marin, Director of Development, Drama, CBC

Every time I’ve gone to BANFF, a development deal has been launched. It’s unmissable.
- Leanne Allen, Producer and Writer, Fancy Carnies Productions
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