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With a 44-year tradition, and set in one of the most inspiring locations on the planet, BANFF is where partnerships are forged and new films and series are pitched, developed and greenlit across scripted, unscripted, and kids content. With 45+ countries participating at the Festival and Rockie Awards each year, it is an unparalleled international marketplace: one of the most prestigious gatherings bringing co-production and co-venture partners together.

The Festival and the Banff Television Festival Foundation (BTFF) have created and executed highly successful large-scale diversity and equity initiatives that have served over 800 opportunities to racialized and underrepresented professionals since 2018. We are working to effect change at scale, break down systemic barriers and reshape the Canadian media landscape into one that is more fair, equitable, and representative. Operating through an intersectional lens, the BANFF Spark Accelerator for Women in the Business of Media has empowered nearly 200 women founders in the media/entertainment sector to launch or scale up their businesses. The Netflix Banff Diversity of Voices Initiative has served approximately 600 opportunities for Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, women, francophone professionals, the 2SLGBTQI+ community and individuals with disabilities in the industry by providing a platform to develop creative and business objectives, move careers ahead and forge new partnerships in Canada and abroad. Since 2021, the Indigenous Screen Summit has celebrated First Nations, Métis and Inuit producers and creators, provided international exposure, and has offered access, connections and business opportunities. We believe our industry must recognize and act on its role in the movements for social, political, and environmental progress. We will continue to highlight the power that the entertainment industry has to change minds, change policy, address the world’s greatest challenges and create opportunities for those who have historically been underrepresented.


Born at BANFF

"It is one of my go-to markets year after year. Great participants, informative and engaging panels, and most importantly, multiple global business opportunities that have directly resulted in closed deals and revenue." - Liz Levenson, President, Cactus Tree Entertainment

"It’s a very relaxed gathering of people from all aspects of broadcasting – producing, writers and creators. I think that’s very unusual in our world...it’s in the mountains, everybody relaxes, everybody wanders up and down the hallways and meets people that they never would have met in our structured business worlds." - Sheila Hockin, Executive Producer, The Fifth Business Inc.
(The Handmaid’s Tale,Vikings)

"As a result of our short meeting with the Director of International Acquisitions at Netflix, our documentary film, Gravity is Just a Habit, received worldwide distribution. We are a living example that if Banff wasn’t the only festival that gives this unique opportunity to set up a meeting with the decision-makers in advance, instead of chasing them in corridors, our deal might have never happened." – David S. Vardanyan, Co-Founder, Lights and Shadows Productions Inc

"The entire experience felt like a whirlwind that I was grateful to be caught in. I’m still digesting all of the information I absorbed and following up with all the contacts I made. It’s jam-packed with knowledge and a great place to establish myself in the industry." - Jen Muranetz, Documentary Filmmaker, Estoria Productions

"I find that more broadcasters are willing to meet at BANFF, compared with other U.S. industry events. I booked about 40 meetings, and had a project greenlit while there. Being a part of DOV (Netflix-BANFF Diversity of Voices Initiative) makes broadcasters even more willing to give you their time." - Rebecca Campbell, Producer/Director, Catapult Pictures Inc.

"If you’re a young producer, get feisty, be bold, stick your neck out and get recognized." – John Brunton, Chairman and CEO, executive producer, Insight Productions

"BANFF is a great way to make initial contact with potential business partners." - Shirley Bowers, VP, Sales and Acquisitions, North America, Red Arrow Studios International

"It’s just about meeting the creators and the content producers out here and getting to know them a little bit better." – Chika Chukudebelu, VP, Programming and Diversity, NBCUniversal Media

"It’s an amazing festival, in an amazing location. Stuff happens here. The setting allows everyone to relax [...] and open up." – John Morayniss, President, JDM Media

"Having a 'one-stop' initiative run by BANFF that fast-tracks the financing of new content and facilitates opportunities for international collaborations serves a great need in the industry." - Carrie Mudd, President, Peacock Alley Entertainment

"It was my first time pitching face to face and it went better than I could have expected. My discussions with the broadcaster are continuing an I am hopeful a deal will eventually be made. Definitely worth it!" - Megan Cameron, Executive Producer, Andon Productions

"My work is being considered by several broadcasters and production companies. Ask me in a year and hopefully I can tell you it was a knockout!" - Tee Schneider, Writer/Producer

"Highly recommended. I think it is an incredible opportunity not only for those looking to have their voices heard but for those looking for new and fresh ideas at the Festival. This initiative has the potential to change the media landscape in the coming years." - Tanner Zurkoski, Writer/Creative Producer, Canoe Pictures

"It was incredible to be there, and provided significant learning. Canada’s creative community is an exceptional one, and I forged strong initial relationships. I left with a lot of ideas, and I do hope to return in years to come." - Dave Silverstein, General Manager / SVP, Smosh

"Every year for the past 22 years, I’ve sold a project at BANFF. I wouldn’t miss it." - Jesse Fawcett, CEO and Executive Producer, Fireworks Media Group

"I got a production partner for my feature film, had two pieces of my IP optioned, a series that I represent optioned, and I have three follow-up network meetings." - Helen Parker, Diamond Films, Canada

"I'm considering multiple projects and writer/producer/directors as a result of the face to face pitches. The real issue for me is that there are too many projects that were interesting, and there are simply not enough hours in the day to give them all the attention they deserve." - Jeff Aghassi, Producer/Manager, Aghassi Literary Management

"A great way to find excellent content and partnership opportunities." - Leo Geng, Senior Vice President, iQIYI North America

"The entire experience was excellent and ran very smoothly. It feels good to know that BANFF can exist and even thrive in this virtual climate to encourage meaningful connections!" - Kurt Conner, Manager of Film & Television, Ubisoft

"I came out of the experience with some new connections, a job offer, and a renewed appreciation for the brilliant storytellers who are thoughtfully shaping this industry." - Olivia Snyder-Spak, Producer/Writer/Director

"It's like magic here…so grateful I decided to do BANFF." - Beth Rosen, Content Creator and Producer, Signature Beth Productions

"Every time I've gone to the BANFF, a development deal has been launched. It's unmissable." - Leanne Allen, Producer and Writer, Fancy Carnies Productions

Every time I’ve gone to BANFF, a development deal has been launched. It’s unmissable.
- Leanne Allen, Producer and Writer, Fancy Carnies Productions
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All BANFF landscape and event photos courtesy of Kristian Bogner Photography.


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